We are not accepting applications at this time but please check back again soon.  We are continuing to raise money and plan to open applications again in the near future.


Thank you so very much! You do not understand how much I appreciate this, god bless you and everyone that made this possible!

Santa Monica, CA

Myself and my little family is so thankful for you!! What a blessings!! The donation she sent me is going straight to food and toiletries! Jen is a woman of her word and I cannot say thank you enough. I can breathe a little bit now, we will be reposting our items after we receive them!!! Full pantry thanks to you and the "Friends of Jen" crew!

Stephanie, Atlana, GA

Jen just sent me some money for food! I can NOT thank her and those that donate, enough! This will definitely help us! God bless everyone, stay safe!

Kimberly, Monroe, MI


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