Meet Dayna & Jen

Heart and Soul of On Being Human 2020


 When initial pandemic waves hit and grocery store hoarding was causing certain populations to want for basic needs for their children, my heart was wrenched. Obviously Jen Pastiloff, my amazing partner in this fundraising magic had a similar feeling. On a fateful day of instagram scrolling, I saw a call to action post by Jen asking- “Do you have food to eat”? She was enthusiastically connecting folks in most need with folks who had extra to give.


DIRECT GIVING (Thank you @blackfairygodmother for this term!!).
That day I joined forces with a few friends and bought groceries for two families.  The following day I reached out to Jen- a complete stranger up to that point- and asked whether we should start a GoFundMe to get more groceries out to people. She answered an enthusiastic yes and that started a very big ball of grace rolling.


To date, our GoFundMe campaign On Being Human 2020 has raised $115,000 dollars and has taken in and processed applications from 1200 families.  We have gifted over 200 families so far and are hot on the trail of the remaining 1000.


Jen has been interviewing quite a lot of incredible humans- leaders, experts and celebrities to raise awareness and raise funds. We have been written about in the Hollywood Reporter and Instagram itself has reached out to us in praise of what we are doing and in offer to promote our endeavors! Wow! 


The most humbling and amazing part has been the team of volunteers who have steadily been working the machine of this thing from day one to now. We have overcome many obstacles and growing pains together. The dedication and soul of this group is astonishing.  The inextricable link between giving and receiving has been the power of love moving through every corner of this project.  We are so honored and privileged to be the channels for this grace to touch the homes and bellies of as many people as possible right now.