I want to thank Jen and her team, for the money that was sent, for my husband and I to get some food. We are both disabled and immune compromised, and are in need of much help, during awful experience. But, we are SO grateful for what was given to us at this time. But, knowing that there are people out there, that care, that are willing to help people in need out, helps was that a bit. I don’t know what the future holds, no one does. I know next month will probably be more terrifying, and even more people will be in need. Jen and her team can only do so much…we all need you to help, if you can! PLEASE donate if you can. God bless!

Hi, My name is Kristin and I'm here as proof that onbeinghuman2020 is exactly who they say they are. Human. Due to CVid-19, I was laid off from my job. I am a single mom of a 13 yr old O&D lineman and it's always been a challenge to keep food in the house. When I lost my job, I worried about what I would do. I use our township's food pantry once a month (all we're allowed) and I don't go to any others because I feel there are so many others that need help too. I came across onbeinghuman2020 from a post on Emme Rylan's Instagram. I was completely skeptical about reaching out. I didn't think I would ever even get a response. A few days later, I received a phone call! Then I received an email! THIS IS REAL!! I spoke with a volunteer named Lisa. So sweet. She had been working her butt off along 20 something others trying to reach then to help. DID IT EVER. The picture attached shows what I purchased with the $100 sent to me (I actually spent $100.98 to the penny.  I LOVE Aldi!! The other is my son and I from this past Christmas. I can't thank EVERYONE enough. THANK YOU DONORS! THANK YOU DAYNA AND JEN! LISA AND EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU VOLUNTEERS!!

- Kristin K.


I want to thank you for helping me with $75 Venmo. I was able to get some food and toiletries. I live in Lake Orion, Michigan. I'm 43 yrs old and a single mother of 2 teenagers. Your help changed my life. I'm truly grateful for your kind heartedness. It was truly a blessing!!! Thank you!!!


I am so grateful you were able to help myself and my family through such hard times as we are all unemployed… I am very grateful for your services, hard work, and compassion, and so appreciate all you do.


Thank you for the grocery help! At the time I was waiting for my food stamp benefits to be reinstated, and the food pantries only give cupboard foods. The help you gave made me able to get meats and refrigerated items. Thank you again.

- Teresa A.

Hello I'm a father of one 9 month old boy and lost my job. I am in need of help. I need formula and diapers. I appreciate everything you do for people. Thank you and I hope to hear back from you. God bless.

Thank you so much for the money. Now I can go get my son diapers and food. God bless your heart.

–Justin James


I hope this email finds you well! I’m writing to thank you on behalf of my family and myself for the generous help with groceries. It is truly appreciated and helped us tremendously during this time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve done for my family and myself. We can’t thank you enough! May God Bless you and all those whom have contributed to this organization.

Hi Sahara & the rest of team from the food drive, I just wanted to say that I’ve received the $100 via PayPal & I am truly thankful & grateful for it, I went I got a few groceries & toiletries for the home, I just want to say a Big Thank a You on behalf of me & my family. We truly appreciate the effort that was put into making this a reality to help the world, in these uncertain times I pray that god continues to bless you all & keep safe & continue doing whatever u can to help this in need. Stay safe.


I am so grateful for On Being Human. This organization has made sure I will have food in my house during this difficult time. As a disabled Veteran that is always an issue but even more so during this lock down. Thank you to all the people who donated to this organization. Stay safe, Stay Home.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart again, my son turned 17 and had no way to get him anything. This came the day of his birthday. Again I can't thank you enough.


Words and chalk drawings can’t express the gratitude I feel towards you both. Thank you so much, and let me know if there’s some way I can help in return. Blessings to you both and lots of hope to those out there who are in need. I send a huge grateful hug to you for showing me what it’s like being human.

- John Mooney

I want to thank this organization for your help at this time when so many people are struggling. Thank you all for your generosity and support at this time.  Many blessings and thanks.  Stay safe and may one day when antone of your kind souls are in need their is organization like yourselves to be just as generous and caring. 

God bless and stay safe.

Thank you so much for he gift card!  This has been a true real blessing for me as I am a single older woman with no husband and no kids so I really appreciate your generosity and assistance in this emergency crisis. Thanks!


–Laura Bullard

My family and I thank you so much for this it has helped us during this hard time thank you for helping me and so many others.


I'd like to thank y'all from the depths and crevices of my heart lol! Having the extra $100 to put toward groceries allowed me to get a leg up and put the little income I do receive towards utilities and other needs. On top of that, I was finally able to get fresh fruits and veggies - something I haven't been able to indulge in for the past month or so. 


This movement is truly highlighting that it is indeed the community that takes care of itself! Thank you to everyone that plays a role in making this possible.


Deepest gratitude,

Fatmata B. Bah


I just want to thank you all for your assistance at this time. It is greatly appreciated and it will be put to good use for my 2 granddaughters and I. 


Thank you, 

Beverly Walker-Anderson


I want to start by saying I lost my job due to the Corona Virus effects on the economy, and the money from On Being Human helped me so much to get food in my home. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the gift card. Never have I ever imagined being in this situation. You have kept us this month from going hungry.  You are all angels!

Thank you for helping!  I received $100 for groceries and it has helped my family a lot!  God bless the people out there who do help!

–Stacy Portman

Thank you so much!!! I just had my baby boy on 5/19 so this is coming at just the right time!! 💙


Thank you very much for the grocery gift card it's much appreciated. It's helped easy the burden doing these trying times. Blessings for all you've done to help others. Thank you again. 😊

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 8.52.56 PM.png


My family has not been able to put things in our shopping cart without anxiety about finances in months. Happy tears were shared as we left the grocery store.  This generous gift has allowed us to stock our house for around the next month with food that also tastes good!!! I cannot overstate our gratitude!!


Thank you so much. This money was an answer to prayers. We were down to pasta and butter. ❤️❤️❤️ 

-Hailey from TN


Thank you for the grocery funds. I am grateful to you and your team. I was feeling a bit down when usually I have a positive outlook. I appreciate you for stepping up and helping the community. 




Hello all you wonderful people at On Being Human!

Thank you so much for the grocery money!  Here I am getting ready to shop for some much needed staples! I have cats too, and they could use some food so I'll grab some for them too.

You guys are the helpers Mr Rogers told us about.  Angels on earth.

Thank you so much,

Paula P